About Us

Why name a spa after the Italian word, “Love”? The answer is simple. Love is the beginning of all successful journeys, including the journey of wellness and taking care of one’s self. The Italians celebrate life through food and fellowship, and of course looking good. In Italy, the “Bella Figura” which means the “Beautiful Figure”, refers to the concept of taking care of one’s body and appearance. This concept is intertwined with the well- known “Siesta” where nearly the entire city shuts down usually between 1pm and 4pm. During this time, individuals take time to refresh and recharge themselves before returning to their busy lives.  Using this model of living as inspiration, Amore Day Spa is dedicated and designed to treating the whole individual through luxurious services. So, go ahead, indulge…Its time to take care of yourself.

Credits(Nicole Cagna)